eBay Secretly Marks All Listings in Search Results as “Sponsored”

Sat July 9, 2022 10:11:13 PM

By: Ina Steiner

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eBay places sponsored listings (ads) at the top of search results, but a seller discovered that eBay had secretly marked all search results as “sponsored”.

Sellers have debated why — and even how long it’s been going on. “Is it possible that ‘sponsored’ text appears in ‘Search’ because it’s basically there in all search results, but doesn’t actually show up as black/gray text unless it’s enabled (i.e. the listing IS actually sponsored)” one seller suggested.

What prompted the discovery by the original poster was their research into eBay’s “strange volatility and traffic patterns over the past few days,” they wrote, “so I thought I’d research a little further to see if I could figure out what’s going on, and I believe I’ve stumbled upon a few major issues.”

The seller then described the discrepancies in the data provided by eBay. Third party developer Shipscript shared some thoughts and called on an eBay moderator to weigh in on the discussion.
eBay has changed how he counted the traffic – specifically page views – but this happened at the end of April. A seller recently told us that his sales and traffic dropped 50% in June and thinks eBay changed its algorithm, but was hesitant to share publicly what he heard from eBay customer service representatives at that time. topic.

eBay may respond to questions from sellers in the eBay thread above after the weekend. Stay tuned.

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