eBay listings missing from seller’s shop search results

Thu 24 Feb 2022 23:08:44

By: Reader

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Dear Ina,

I have been selling on eBay for about 9 years and have an eBay store with over 1700 items. Because eBay changed the way items are listed, I decided to take 40 of my listed DVDs and search them in my eBay store to see what they look like.

Of the 40 DVDs, 9 didn’t show up in search and 1 came up in search, but when I clicked on it, it showed 0 found. I looked up all 10 DVDs on the eBay home site and there they were.

I contacted eBay 2 days ago and told a rep what happened. It took me a while to get the rep to understand how a search is supposed to work, since she has no experience selling online. Eventually I escalated the issue to her and she told me that she would escalate the issue and would message me when the techs acknowledged and then a tech would contact me.

She told me it would take 24-48 hours for the techs to respond. Well, eBay fashion, I’m still waiting. I can’t help but wonder if 10 of the 40 items I listed don’t show up in my eBay store search, how many more items out of my 1,700+ won’t be found.

This is a warning to all eBay sellers who have an eBay store, don’t assume that eBay does everything right. eBay’s famous word is “glitch” which is their excuse for the problems they create.


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Amanda J. Marsh