Dyer News features the top 10 personal finance articles for February 2022

Dyer News, based in Huntington Beach, Calif., has announced the top 10 personal finance articles for February 2022. These include financial independence, lessons in early retirement (FIRE), resources and insights; articles on minimalism, such as financial minimalism and what to say to yourself at 18 about minimalism; and various personal finance tips, such as the costs of getting a pet, delayed gratification vs. delayed happiness, teaching kids philosophies of money, and more.

The FIRE movement is a lifestyle movement that became popular among Millennials in the 2010s. It is gaining popularity in online communities through blogs, online discussion forums, podcasts, and more. Basically, FIRE is about maximizing the savings rate by looking for ways to increase income and reduce expenses, as well as making investments intended to increase wealth and/or income. The goal is to accumulate enough assets that provide passive income until that passive income can support all living expenses, allowing the individual to retire early. One of the articles is from Aussie Firebug and outlines 10 lessons learned from 10 years of financial independence. In another post, Kevin Keenan recommends the top 5 FIRE books to read. And in another article, Joe from Retire by 40 examines whether financial independence is really necessary for early retirement. Overall, the articles covered offer money management advice, which is essential for achieving financial independence.

The practice of financial minimalism involves buying or investing only in the things that add value to one’s life. Money should not be spent on things that are not necessary to survive. There are a number of things a person can do to practice financial minimalism.

In one of the most notable articles on minimalism, Joshua Becker of Becoming Minimalist lists 100 things he would say to himself at 18 about minimalism. And in another post on minimalism, Jewels at One Frugal Girl discusses 10 actionable tips on practicing financial minimalism.

Five of the top 10 articles offer personal finance advice. In an article, Kyle Burbank of [email protected] looks at the costs of adopting a companion dog. In another article that can be found in Money Flamingo, the author examines whether the principle of delayed gratification is perhaps not really a good idea because it delays happiness. In a third article, found on Frugalwoods, he shows how to teach kids about money and establish a family money philosophy. In the fourth article, John from Action Economics presents the 10 things he learned from his vending machine business. And in the fifth post, Everybody Loves Your Money’s Vicky Monroe shares the many ways frugality has benefited her.

Personal finance is all about good money management. This involves budgeting, insurance, banking, investing, real estate financing, tax and estate planning, and retirement planning. It’s about having long-term personal goals and gradually achieving them through the achievement of short-term financial goals. It’s about maximizing income, minimizing expenses, and being proactive with planned expenses, such as a child’s college education. There are actually only a few schools that teach personal finance, so online resources like Dyer News can provide a lot of help for people who want to learn. Smart personal finance is about developing strategies that include budgeting, paying off debt, using credit cards wisely, creating an emergency fund, saving for retirement, and more.

Founded in 2015, Dyers News focuses on topics that are vital to entrepreneurs/scammers and small business owners. It offers personal finance information, tips and reviews on the various apps, tools and services that will help entrepreneurs earn more, run their business better, save money and plan for retirement. Their goal is to help people achieve their long-term financial goals by optimizing all the small steps that ultimately contribute to achieving a long-term financial goal.

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