Doubts loom over Ferrari’s aerodynamics for their 2022 F1 challenger – report

Well-connected Italian journalist Leo Turrini says that while they are confident about their 2022 power unit, aero doubts remain for Ferrari.

Ferrari is battling to return to title contention after two seasons away from the front of the grid.

The Scuderia fell in 2019 after its front-end stint came to an abrupt end, at the same time as an engine-related technical directive was issued.

The 2020 campaign then went to scrap to finish in the points. But after a strong recovery in 2021, when Ferrari scored two pole positions and five podiums on their way to P3 of the constructors’ championship, their aim now is to return to racing and win titles.

Ferrari hopes the new regulations for 2022 will help its cause, as a radical design change for the challengers presents a clear opportunity to advance the pecking order.

Additionally, Ferrari and the other powertrain manufacturers are hard at work creating their new specs for 2022, which will be the last of this era, as a freeze then kicks in, until 2025, when the new engines should arrive. for the following season.

On the engine front, Turrini, a respected journalist and Italian insider, said in his Quotidiano blog that Ferrari was very happy with the new power unit, believing it would match the leaders in this field.

“As far as I know, Ferrari is 100% sure that it has been able to catch up with the leaders in terms of engine power, even despite the transition to biofuel,” he wrote.

As for the area where Ferrari is not certain, it is aerodynamics because this brand new era, although with more restrictive regulations, allows new experiments on the cars.

Of course, while this has the potential to propel a team forward, it can also have the opposite effect – so this is where Ferrari has some doubts.

“But veiled doubts remain about some innovative solutions in the field of aerodynamics,” Turrini wrote.

Turrini also urged caution over expectations of Ferrari emerging as 2022 title contenders.

“You have to be careful with expectations,” he said.

“You have to understand that if in the first race of the season Ferrari is half a second behind Red Bull and Mercedes, the dream of a title chase is over.”

Ferrari will continue with the duo of Carlos Sainz and Charles Leclerc for 2022, with both drivers having impressed in their first season as Ferrari teammates in 2021.

Amanda J. Marsh