Disney World brawl prompts Magic Kingdom arrests and bans: report

A massive brawl that broke out at Disney World’s Magic Kingdom this week has resulted in two arrests as well as theme park bans for several alleged participants, according to a report.

The wild fracas between at least 10 people erupted Thursday outside Mickey’s PhilharMagic Theater at the theme park in Orlando, Florida, after two families argued while waiting in line, unleashing a mass of fistfights that made land at least one man in the hospital.

One of the alleged participants, who was taken to an ambulance and hospitalized with a large cut on his chin, confirmed the crackdown in a written message to the Disney blog Walt Disney World News Today.

“We have been banned from Disney forever unless we contact the manager,” the alleged attendee wrote. “2 people from another party have been arrested and the others have left, no one from our family has been arrested yet and they still have us here.”

The guest claimed that his family had been banned from the Magic Kingdom as well as other Disney properties, including their hotel. Meanwhile, two members of the other family who had thrown the fist – who were all dressed identically in red shorts and white Disney-themed T-shirts – were arrested, the guest claimed.

“They are making us leave our resort which is the Riviera even though we are here for another 2 weeks,” the guest lamented in the post. “We must vacate Disney property, including Typhoon Lagoon and Disney Springs.”

A fight was filmed at Disney World involving several people.

A Disney World representative did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

The nasty fight was filmed by witnesses, who posted the fracas on social networks. According to reports, the saga began after a family member left the line to retrieve his phone. When she tried to join her group, the other family, all dressed identically in red shorts and white T-shirts, tried to prevent her from taking her place.

Walt Disney World News Today reported that the two families clashed outside the theater, with one of the girl’s family members telling the Red Shorts clan, “We don’t appreciate you pushing my younger sister.”

Both combat groups were disbanded by security and law enforcement, according to reports, and transported to the park's security office.
Both combat groups were disbanded by security and law enforcement, according to reports, and transported to the park’s security office.

A shouting match ensued, with the two groups hurling profanity and gradually getting closer to each other, soon sparking an all-out brawl that spilled out into the street outside the theatre.

Bystander video posted to social media captured children crying, while panicked adults can be heard screaming for security to help. Eventually, the two groups were separated by security and law enforcement, according to reports, and transported to the park security office.

The Disney Blog reported that a family, dressed in both red shorts and white shirts, allegedly “stole or broke several personal items belonging to their opponents, including cellphones and designer clothes”.

The fight broke out outside Mickey's PhilharMagic Theater.
Two arrests have been made and one group has reportedly been banned from Disney World.

A man involved in the scrap metal was taken to an ambulance with a large cut on his chin, the blog reported. Other family members had minor cuts and bruises.

While fights at Disney parks are nothing new, incidents of mass violence have increased dramatically since the COVID-19 pandemic, with the Florida resort town reporting more than half a dozen this year alone, according to the reports.

Amanda J. Marsh