Dark Age Defense review (scam exposed!) Urgent report to read!

Events happening in the world make people think more about what they would do if they found themselves in a disaster situation. What would we do when things like electricity that we depend on for almost everything we do were suddenly taken away from us?

Such a situation may require us to find a way to learn to take care of ourselves if we encounter such occurrences. This is where a guide like Dark Age Defense comes into play. The guide is popularized to provide people with survival lessons to help survive virtually any circumstance, such as wars, famine, power grid failures, and other similar events.

The Dark Age Defense guide provides information and survival skills that could benefit many people. This guide may prove important given the current situation in our world. Conflicts and disasters are always just a moment away from happening. It is essential to be prepared to survive and learn to take care of yourself and those who are dear to you.

What is Dark Age Defense?

Dark Age Defense is a manual that, in simple terms, aims to show individuals how to create electricity and maintain its flow throughout an emergency and other survival techniques.

The Dark Age Defense guide teaches how to harness the power of a device called the Infinity Coil. This technology would have been inspired by the genius Nikola Tesla.

The creator of this program believes that the general public may not have access to this technology in the immediate future, making this offer more intriguing. Through this guide, individuals and their families may be able to use this technology and benefit from it in times of crisis.

This guide offers a viable and better alternative to generators or solar panels, which many believe would solve all their problems. Generators are designed to provide emergency power and would not survive very long as they require huge amounts of gasoline and will most often break down after running for a short time. Similarly, solar panels are prone to malfunction and would be expensive to maintain. However, the infinity coil technology introduced by Dark Age Defense is made with inexpensive materials that can be found quickly, and the technology does not require significant maintenance.

Regardless of whether a person is technically savvy or not, the creator of the guide assures that following the instructions in the manual to the letter would help anyone build an Infinity Coil without difficulty. The Infinity Coil is considered a powerful device that has the capacity to power an entire home.

Content of Dark Age Defense

The fundamental concept of Dark Age Defense is to help individuals build an infinity coil that can easily supply electricity to the whole house. The creator of Dark Age Defense claims that what the guide teaches goes beyond simple technology to take advantage of a stable power supply. The guide also helps individuals understand some basics of surviving a blackout event. Things to learn from this guide include:

Things that must be done when there is an attack on the power grid resulting in a blackout. The guide explains the importance of doing these things in the early stages of a disaster:

  • Find out how to build an invisible force field around a home using shockingly simple technology to ensure the well-being of loved ones.
  • Gain knowledge about powering a vehicle that was previously considered out of service.
  • A process guide for evaluating the optimal Infinity Coil size. This often depends on the size of a home and the amount of electricity needed.
  • Building seven Infinity Coils simultaneously without needing to invest more money?
  • The cheat technique to build the Infinity Coil is to have the technology generate power from the surrounding air.
  • The essential concepts and guiding principles of the Dark Age defense system.
  • A compass that guarantees families everything they need to get through the tumultuous situations that may arise.

The creator of this program has included bonus resources to make the program more beneficial to individuals. These bonuses include:

Produce Oasis: This bonus resource contains instructions on how to grow food during a catastrophic event. This can be useful in many situations, especially when there is a shopping rush and the stores are running out of food. Produce Oasis shows how to grow nutrient-dense foods using easy-to-implement approaches that don’t require large farmlands.

Water on demand: This bonus resource delves into the theme of water. The creator understands that water is essential for survival and wants to help people understand this fact. Water on Demand teaches the process of finding water and how to purify it so it’s clean and safe to drink.

Bulletproof Bugout: This bonus resource is intended to help individuals learn to live in a variety of environments. The Bulletproof Bugout teaches how to explore various environments to make food hunting possible and easier. Bulletproof Bugout also teaches how to find shelter, assemble defense, what gear you need, and how to survive no matter where the individuals are.

Off-Grid Escape: This resource teaches how to get off the grid and become independent of state energy supply. It prepares individuals to deal with situations they may encounter during difficult times and to survive those situations.

Benefits of Dark Age Defense

Individuals may have a better chance of surviving any type of calamity or natural disaster with Dark Age Defense. It can prepare people to thrive in any environment, regardless of terrain or landscape.

  • The guide can help individuals learn to hunt for food and forage for water.
  • Individuals can also learn how to build an Infinity Coil. The guide also teaches individuals about the pencil trick and its importance.
  • Dark Age Defense is a simple, comprehensive manual that anyone can quickly pick up and use to their advantage.
  • With Dark Age Defense, individuals will not need to depend on solar panels or generators to power their homes.
  • The Dark Age Defense includes free resources that educate people on growing their food and finding and filtering water to make it safe to drink.
  • The Dark Age Defense teaches how to craft the Infinity Coil using cheap materials.
  • The creator assures that following the Dark Age Defense instructions will not endanger people’s health or expose them to possible risks.

Dark Age Defense Pricing and Money Back Guarantee

Now, buying the Dark Age Defense is easier than ever. To place an order, customers will need to go to the official website, where they can then complete the transaction. Right now, Dark Age Defense and its free bonus resources are only $67.

All purchases made through the website are backed by a 60 day full money back guarantee.

If you are unhappy with the hardware, you can get a full refund on their purchase if they return Dark Age Defense within sixty days of purchase; contact customer support via the following methods to inquire about a refund:


Overall, Dark Age Defense can be the best survival guide available. It can be ideal for preparing the mind and learning, which are the essential tools to have at your disposal in the event of an adverse event. Get ready today with the Dark Age Defense system.

Amanda J. Marsh