Dallas Cowboys first-rounder Tyler Smith may have the craziest medical report in NFL Draft history

Justin Casterlin. Getty Images.

Take it off, Ian Rapoport, cause it’s something you need listen on Tulsa offensive lineman Tyler Smith, who the Dallas Cowboys just drafted 24th overall:

Blount’s disease is something I had never heard of until I googled it. I’m going to paraphrase here what Rapoport explained live from Las Vegas. Smith’s condition impacts the growth plates around his knees. When he started high school, Smith was still bow-legged. The doctors had to put his legs in cages and break them down so they can heal properly.

Are you really for real, Tyler Smith? OKAY. I am blown away. There was noise that this guy was going to sneak in the first round, and the Cowboys ended up pulling the trigger. He played left tackle in Tulsa, but can play guard in the NFL. It’s hard to say for sure how Dallas will use him. tyron Smith is at left tackle, so I think Tyler Smith is playing right next to him at left guard.

What really stands out about the new Cowboy is the stroke lock. Smith is an absolute terror when his head is full of steam. He obliterates any defender in his path and has the athleticism to easily access the second tier. Although Smith might be a bit sloppy with his technique and needs to work on his pass protection, Dallas gets a badass badass in the trenches.

And obviously, with what he’s overcome just to play football, let alone be an exceptional athlete and good enough to be an NFL first-round pick, you have to like Smith’s chances of success. As mind-boggling as her medical history is, it all seems to be in the past for Smith. As the report says, the teams that checked Smith cleared him.

Based on his sport testing, uh, yeah – I think Smith’s wheels fit just fine.

Amanda J. Marsh