Create a website in 15 minutes with this awesome site builder

You could be create an online store, a portfolio, a company page or a blog, but if you are building a website from scratch, it will take time. Whether you use one of the big website builders or one of the newer drag-and-drop tools, it’s usually difficult to build a website that looks the way you want and performs the way you need it to. 1MinuteWeb Website Builder: Lifetime Subscription is an interesting exception for difficult website builders. Using this innovative new site builder tool, you can have your own web space up and running in 15 minutes, and for a limited time, it’s only $119 (Reg. $999).

Website Planet calls 1MinuteWeb a hidden gem and shows how fast you can get through some of the tedious parts of website building: “You can do all the tests with the themes, styles and colors you want – with just one click you can return to the original settings of the template, without losing everything you entered in the site.” You can even import Photoshop files and use them to create your website.

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During the 15-minute process, you go through three steps: Choose your theme, add your content, connect your domain. During each of these stages, you can dwell and customize as you see fit, and choose to integrate apps like Disqus for web engagement or Google Analytics to track your rankings. You can create vCards from professional-looking themes and even create your own newsletters to send to customers or subscribers.

1MinuteWeb prides itself on being a fast website builder, but it also produces highly functional results. They even share live websites built with their toolbox. The results are clean, polished, and easy to navigate, and that’s exactly what you want in your website.

Building a website is a big project that can get overwhelming. Create one you can be proud of on your lunch break. Obtain 1MinuteWeb Website Builder: Lifetime Subscription for $119 (reg. $999).

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Prices subject to change.

Amanda J. Marsh