Common API Tasks: Find Envelopes That Need To Be Signed

Welcome to a phenomenal new episode of CAT (VSommon API Trequest) blog. In this blog series, I’ll provide everything you need to know to perform specific small tasks supported by the SDK using one of our APIs. You can find all of the articles in this series on the DocuSign Developer Blog.

Today’s episode was inspired by a question from a fellow developer on StackOverflow. This developer was building an integration that provides end users with a web application. One of the features of their app was the ability for the user to see all envelopes awaiting signature similar to the capacity you see in the DocuSign web app (by selecting Manage up then Required action in the left navigation bar).

It turns out that the DocuSign eSignature REST API has a robust mechanism for developers to search and filter the list of account envelopes. The Envelopes: listStatusChanges endpoint allows developers to provide various parameters such as the state of envelopes, when they were sent, by whom, etc. Developers can also specify the information that interests them (documents, recipients, tabs) and, once the API call is made, they retrieve a list of envelopes corresponding to the information provided. Powerful stuff.

Of course, you can also call this endpoint from our eSignature SDKs. The following code snippets show you a simple example. I am looking for all envelopes sent from this account during the month of December 2021 that are awaiting my signature (note that the user who has authenticated in order to obtain an access token for API calls is the one used to filter the needs of signatories sign). I ask to return information about the recipients; then I just cycle through the resulting envelopes. I don’t do much more. I’ll leave it all to you.







Hope you found this useful. As usual, if you have any questions, comments, or topic suggestions for future articles on Common API Tasks, please feel free to email me. Until next time…

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