Chargers Injury Report Makes Me Want To Puke My Guts

2 weeks ago, the Chargers lost their biggest offseason rookie (JC Jackson) and biggest offseason extension (Mike Williams) to IR. It can’t get much worse than that, can it?


Somehow, during the bye week, they managed to pick up THREE new injuries. This team has been so historically plagued with injuries it takes my breath away. Take a look at the opening day roster and what it looks like now.

As it stands, this offense is paralyzed. It will be the injured Justin Herbert who will launch in his first day WR5, the returner DeAndre Carter, as WR1. Next to him will be 4 practice squad players with 15 combined NFL receptions. His offensive line has 2 starting rookies, including one who was drafted to play guard while playing left tackle. If Ekeler doesn’t adapt (he will), it will be the corpse of Sony Michel or rookie Isiah Spiller who will start.

The Defense are in better shape despite losing 2 of their highest paid players. The problem is Staley, DC for 2 of the NFL’s best defenses, doesn’t know how to coach the defense. He went from coaching a defense giving up the 4th most points in the NFL to now having the 2nd most points in the NFL.

This team destroys my soul every year and I keep going back.

Amanda J. Marsh