Bowler has a new ‘Extreme’ modification package | Articles

Bowler Extreme is a gnarly new conversion from Derbyshire-based subsidiary Land Rover.

The Bowler Extreme will be built alongside the firm’s Bulldog, but motorsport is not the focus of the game. It is a more off-road oriented version of Bowler’s existing Fast Road conversions, and aims to “presenting the knowledge and expertise that Bowler has acquired over decades of off-road competition”.

Bowler has been modifying Land Rovers for high-speed off-road use since 1985 and was purchased by Land Rover in 2019. This year’s Bowler Defender Challenge 2022 uses newly shaped Defender 90s modified by Bowler specifically for this purpose, and their V6- Powered Bowler Bulldog has been making earth-shattering noises since 2016.

Bowler does not sell pre-built versions of the Bowler Extreme. It’s only available on a commission basis, so if you want one, you’ll need to reserve one of a limited number of build slots. Bowler can find a donor Defender, or you can supply your own – in any wheelbase you like.

Bowler showcased the Extreme conversion with a 110 this week at Caffeine and Machine (Warwickshire’s multifaceted oil venue). There’s a hint of Defender ‘Spectre’ lookalikes here – unavoidable perhaps for any Double Cab on big muddy terrain with beadlockers and an external roll cage.

How “extreme” is the Bowler Extreme?

The huge ground clearance is thanks to the 35-inch BFGoodrich tires, housed in Bowler’s Bulldog wheel arch kit, and underneath is a bespoke suspension setup with a 2-inch rise. Braking is also improved, with larger discs front and rear and four-piston Alcon calipers.

Bowler’s recovery points, rear running boards, perforated bumpers and sill protectors give it a characteristic light and robust appearance.

As for the drivetrain, the Bowler Extreme uses the company’s Fast Road conversion under a vented hood. With a modified ECU and an improved intercooler, 175 hp and a meaty 450 Nm can be extracted from the 4cyl TDCi diesel.

And Bowler also touched on interior comfort and quietness. Inside, there’s bespoke trim, soundproofing and carpets, along with a Momo steering wheel, Recaro seats, a double-DIN stereo and a few other goodies. Machined aluminum features include Optimill handles, vents and door hinges.

The prices depend on the type and age of the donor defender and have not been announced. (The Fast Road conversion costs from £20,000 including VAT and labour.)

Find more information about Bowler Extreme here. Email your inquiries to [email protected]

Amanda J. Marsh