Book now train tickets in selected countries on Google search

With the announcement of the new Google feature, users will now be able to purchase train tickets with a simple search in select countries. This feature will soon debut in many more countries.

Currently, users in Germany, Spain, Italy and Japan can now buy train tickets directly on Google search, for travel in and around certain countries.

Google said it has built sustainability into its travel tools.

“For some trips, taking the train may be the most sustainable option, but finding prices and times to get from A to B may require some separate research,” said Richard Holden, vice president of travel products. at Google.

“Starting today, you can now buy train tickets directly on Google search, for travel in and around select countries, including Germany, Spain, Italy and Japan,” said he said in a blog post on Tuesday.

Just search for something like “trains from Berlin to Vienna” and you’ll see a new module in the search results that lets you choose your departure date and compare the available options.

Once you have selected the train that best suits you, a direct link allows you to finalize your reservation on the partner’s website.

“This functionality will expand to other locations as we work with other train service providers. We also plan to start testing similar functionality for bus tickets in the near future to expand your choices. for intercity travel,” Holden said.

Plus, with new filters for flights and hotels, it’s easier to find more sustainable options on Google Search, he added.

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Amanda J. Marsh