Best WordPress Site Security Plugins

Are you afraid of pirates? Do you want to secure your website? Yes, everyone wants. We usually hire a security guard to protect our home. Likewise, a security system should be in place for your WordPress site. All of these things are essential in the life of website owners. Let’s start:

Reasons and Solutions

WordPress sites received over 9,000 hacker attacks per minute. The number is too high due to the outdated website, weak passwords and inappropriate security systems. Apart from data loss and website hijacking, these attacks disrupt website search engine optimization as well as website authority. Therefore, it is important to keep WordPress secure.

The best and easiest way to secure your website is to install appropriate plugins. WordPress plugins are installed to protect the website against login attempts and scan for malware. It also protects the site from hackers, so it is important to install a good WordPress site security plugin.

For your convenience, we have collected the three best WordPress site security plugins. We have shared free and paid plugins so you can choose any of them according to your budget. Stay tuned with us to find the best security guard for your site.

1.Sucuri (annual subscription)

Sucuri is a popular security plugin designed for WordPress sites. It is available for free, but the paid premium account provides the excellent services that every blog owner should invest in. It cleans the website, protects it from attacks, improves site performance, is easy to use, has effective security and comes with a Web Application Firewall. The premium account is available for $299/year.

2.WPScan (monthly subscription)

WPScan is an important security tool that provides instant reports and threats to prevent security issues. It has been serving the WordPress site since 2012. Email notifications are an effective feature of this plugin. Its free version is available while the pro version costs around $2.31/month.

3.Bulletproof Security (Free)

BulletProof Security is a free security plugin. It is easy to use, creates database backups, idle session logoffs, email notifications, malware scan, and provides site security. If you don’t have enough budget to invest in paid plugins, then BulletProof Security is the best free plugin for WordPress sites.

What’s more important?

Apart from security plugins, securing your domain is also important. Every time you buy a domain name, it must be secured with an SSL certificate. You can get it with a Pakistan WordPress Hosting. Good web hosting also provides quality security services. So, by keeping all these aspects in mind, you can secure your website.


Website security is important and can be achieved by adding an SSL certificate at runtime Domain registration, choosing a good web hosting service and adding appropriate website security plugins. All of these services, when applied collectively, make the website secure. Some plugins are free while others may require monthly or yearly subscriptions. Therefore, you can invest in plugins according to your budget. However, safety should be your top priority.

Amanda J. Marsh