Beginning of the first stage of the new Leyland supplementary care site in West Paddock

Soil survey work begins at the West Paddock site in Leyland.


Work will begin next to the Civic Center on Monday, April 11.

Work is underway for the team to better understand the ground conditions of the area, which will then aid in the ongoing design of the facility.

Final designs for the facility have yet to be approved and the council recently held a series of consultation events for residents to share their views on the proposed designs. The next consultation session will take place on April 12 at the Civic Center in Leyland from 4:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.

The work will last around two weeks and will see a drilling rig towed by a Land Rover and an excavator to dig boreholes and trail pits. All boreholes and pits will be backfilled after inspection and sampling and all work areas will be isolated with temporary heras fencing. No excavation should be left open unattended or overnight.

A compound will be erected on the site that will include a small wellness unit and container that will be located close to the civic center. The enclosure and works must not impede existing access to the land and noise may be felt but will be kept to a minimum.

Councilor Mick Titherington with one of the new defibrillators Pic: South Ribble Borough Council
Councilor Mick Titherington Pic: South Ribble Borough Council

Councilor Mick Titherington, Cabinet Member for Health, Welfare and Leisure, said: “For a long time an additional care facility was much needed in the borough.

“We have an aging population and as a council we want to do everything possible to ensure that people who need extra care can continue to live in the borough independently. This essential work is only the beginning of the process to make Jubilee Gardens a reality.

“The works will take approximately two weeks and as long as a complex is in place, access to the land will still be available. All excavation will be backfilled to ensure minimal impact to the area for the public once completed.

“The information gathered from this work will help in the design process and we are always looking to get feedback from residents on the look of the facility. See you at the next consultation on April 12 at the Civic Center between 4:30 p.m. and 6:30 p.m. »

The Extra Care program is the first of its kind in the borough and the program will support independent living by providing housing and support services.

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Amanda J. Marsh