Apple Podcasts says ratings and reviews are not part of its search equation. | Daily News Podcast

Podcasters looking for the silver bullet to improve their Apple Podcast rankings might be best advised to stick to the basics based on what the tech giant has to say. In a new update for creators, Apple Podcasts says promoting new shows and episodes is key. It also contains practical tips on how to list a show and episode.

“Make sure your channel name, show titles, and episode titles are specific and unique so they can show up in relevant searches. Be distinctive and avoid using names that are too generic or too similar to existing shows. Avoid using emojis and repeated episode titles,” Apple says in a blog post.

Apple Podcasts also sheds light on how its app’s search function works. It says the results provided to users are based on things like a show’s metadata, including its name and episode title, and a podcast’s popularity with other app users. Apple also says that the user’s personal behavior, including shows they’ve listened to or watched in the past, will factor into the shows they see in search. The results will also only include creators of channels, shows, and episodes made available in each of the 170 countries where Apple Podcasts operates.

Just as important as what’s included is what’s not. “While ratings, reviews, and shares help indicate a podcast’s newness, popularity, and quality, they don’t factor into search results,” it says.

Amanda J. Marsh