Android 13 Beta 3 adds web suggestions and search shortcuts to Pixel Launcher

Android 13 has achieved platform stability with the release of the third beta yesterday, marking a milestone as we move closer to the stable release. All app-related behaviors and APIs are now final, and developers can start preparing their apps for the final release of Android 13. As expected, the latest beta doesn’t bring much in the way of new features. In fact, Google’s announcement blog post doesn’t even list what’s new in the release, focusing mostly on development items. But it turns out there are some interesting changes in Beta 3.

As Esper’s Mishaal Rahman noticed, Android 13 Beta 3 adds a nifty feature to the Pixel Launcher that now allows users to display web results in the search bar. You’ll find a new toggle called Web Suggestions in the Pixel Launcher settings. When enabled, the search bar on the home screen and app drawer now shows web results based on what you type. Until now, Pixel Launcher’s search bar could only show app shortcuts, phone settings, contacts, conversations, and tips.

Now you can get web results based on what you type. Only web suggestions you select are saved to your search history. You can disable this option in Preferences.

Web suggestions are enabled by default, but you can disable them from the Pixel Launcher home settings.

Pixel Launcher search bar showing shortcuts for Google, Maps, YouTube and Play Store

Search shortcuts

With Android 13 Beta 3, Pixel Launcher’s search bar also shows search shortcuts for Google, YouTube, Maps, Play Store, and Settings. These nifty shortcuts appear below web results when you enter something in the search bar.

To try Pixel Launcher’s new search experience, you need to download Android 13 Beta 3 on your Pixel phone.

Amanda J. Marsh