4×4 Response hero in New Year’s list of honors | Articles

Mike Sutton, former vice president of Hampshire & Berkshire 4×4 Response (HB4X4R), received a British Empire Medal for “Emergency Response Services in Hampshire, Particularly During Covid-19”.

During the UK’s first lockdown, HB4X4R helped set up an emergency PPE warehouse and provided logistical support to the Hampshire Local Resilience Forum (LRF). Using his own Discovery 2, Mike oversaw the HB4X4R volunteers involved and played a key role in setting up distribution channels to ensure vital equipment was available to those who needed it most.

Throughout the pandemic, HB4X4R has deployed more than 70 responders who have traveled 60,000 miles and made 2,232 deliveries of PPE and vaccines to the county. The charity has also been involved in administering swab tests to 890 truck drivers at Portsmouth International Port and has spent three months testing Covid on more than 2,500 Hampshire Police employees.

Mike said: “I am truly honored to receive this recognition, but in reality it is for the entire HB4X4R team who have worked so hard during the pandemic. They are without a doubt the best group of volunteers I have had the privilege to work with and they should all be very proud. ‘

The current chairman of the charity, Graham Middleton, said: “We congratulate Mike on this prestigious award, recognizing Mike’s tremendous efforts in supporting both our stakeholders and the efforts of Hampshire County Council to help the NHS. continued work is greatly appreciated by myself and our committee. Thank you very much, Mike. ‘

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Discovery 2 owner Mike has been credited with leading the efforts of the HB4x4R.

Amanda J. Marsh