40% of Roku apps and 30% of Amazon Fire TV apps are targeted using multiple bundle IDs

Industry usage of App Store IDs remains low (

PALO ALTO, Calif. and LONDON, September 9, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Pixelatethe market-leading compliance, privacy and fraud protection analytics platform for connected television (CTV) and mobile advertising, launched today new data highlighting the issues that seem to prevail with bundle ids. Pixalate conducted a study of CTV transactions from June to August 2022 to provide information on the magnitude of variations in CTV bundle IDs. The full report is available for download here.

Pixalate found that 40% of apps in the Roku app store and 30% of apps in the Amazon Fire TV app store appear to be using multiple bundle IDs – a big problem in the industry – causing targeting issues and measurement and creating opportunities for fraudsters. to exploit this programmatic advertising supply chain vulnerability. Fraud detection can be particularly difficult because vendors may mistakenly consider certain variations of bundle identifiers to be application spoofing.

Bundle IDs are the mechanism by which apps are most commonly identified for CTV advertising. The Roku and Amazon Fire TV apps each store unique IDs for each app available in their stores. However, these unique identifiers are used in less than 5% of Roku traffic and less than 25% of Amazon Fire TV traffic, as measured by Pixalate.


  • 40% of Roku apps and 30% of Amazon Fire TV apps are known by multiple bundle IDs.
  • Over 12% of Roku apps and 11% of Fire TV apps use more than 3 bundle IDs.
  • 33% of ad spend on Amazon CTV apps goes to apps that use more than 10 bundle IDs.
  • Some major MVPD (multi-channel video programming distributor) apps like Sling, Fubo and others have over 100 bundle IDs.

Pixalate has developed a solution to Bundle’s multiple identification issue using machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) to rectify the issue and enable our customers to understand which apps they are transacting on and provide more accurate fraud detection.

The ad tech industry is aware of this problem and has been working on various solutions:

  • The IAB Tech Lab recommended the use of “App Store identifiers” to uniquely identify CTV applications. However, adoption remains low at this time.
  • The recently released OpenRTB 2.6 solves this problem by introducing Channel and Network Objectswhich should alleviate the need to concatenate this bundle ID information.

But until there is widespread adoption and implementation of these guidelines, a smart mapping solution like Pixalate’s is needed to handle the explosion of Bundle ID variations on CTV platforms.

For more information, see our full blog post here.

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