2021 review: our best blogs and guest articles of the year

At Promo Marketing, we’ve been fortunate (and immensely grateful) to have hosted so many amazing bloggers and contributors over the years. It takes a village, as they say, and these good people have generously contributed their time and knowledge in the service of helping others in the industry overcome their business challenges and learn new things.

This year was no exception. We have featured blogs and guest articles on Sales, Leadership, Marketing Strategy, Technology, Accounting, Management, Hiring and more, all written by industry experts who have it. lived or live it every day.

As we recap 2021, here are a few of those articles. We cannot thank our contributors enough and look forward to reading their articles in 2022.

Gloria Lafont covers everything digital marketing for distributors, from social media strategy to website security. In this article, she not only described the most common marketing mistakes she’s seen from Distributors, but also came up with easy-to-implement fixes for each.

Mark Jenkins is a self-described road warrior with decades of sales experience in the promotion industry. He took that experience – and his perspective on the supplier side – to cover big topics like price increases and burnout, but there hasn’t been a better article from his. shares this year with his honest but optimistic analysis of the Great Resignation and its impact on the promotion industry.

Alex Morin, formerly of Debco, left the promo for a year, but recently returned with PromoNoise, a new podcast, blog and educational platform. Fittingly, his first article for Promo Marketing was titled “Reentry,” an introspective and uplifting fusion of business and life lessons. Beautifully written almost in the style of a personal essay, this is one you don’t want to miss if you’re looking for inspiration.

When not doing his day-to-day job as vice president of sales at Boundless, Pat Barry creates some of the best sales strategy content. In this, the most read of his 2021 articles for Promo Marketing, he broke down the three things that separate top commission salespeople from the rest of the pack.

In addition to running one of the largest distribution companies in the industry, Greg Muzzillo is one of the most prolific promotional content creators. For his weekly Million Dollar Monday video and podcast series, he interviewed everyone from a “Shark Tank” shark to the founder of Domino’s Pizza, but this early-year post on his regular Promo Marketing blog series is hard to beat because his best work of 2021.

Content creator, distribution business owner and extraordinary marketer, Kirby Hasseman lent his talents to Promo Marketing for this timely and remarkably informative article written in the wake of the big Facebook blackout of 2021. If you do most of it of your Facebook marketing, this is a must-read.

Content Machine Luke Gardner has drawn on his extensive experience at Printavo to put together this definitive guide to selling techniques that get results. The best part are the real-life examples that come with each technique, showing how companies have put them to good use.

It wasn’t Bill Petrie’s most read article for Promo Marketing in 2021 (this honor goes to this article), but it was easily our favorite. Petrie combines his storytelling ability and humor with his business acumen to learn real, applicable business lessons from a Netflix racing series. Even more impressive: he made us racing non-believers interested in Formula 1.

As the supply chain started to get really tricky in mid-2021, Bobby Lehew was looking to provide solutions for distributors. This article acknowledged the emerging difficulty of the situation with a recommendation to tackle issues head-on by keeping clients informed, even if that meant telling the sad truth about the situation. This advice would become more and more important as the year progressed.

Harriet Gatter has been providing clear, useful, and no-frills accounting advice on promotional marketing for years as part of her Ask The Accountant series. In this article, her most read in 2021, she helped clear up some confusion about moving Quickbooks to a subscription model.

See you on Monday for the next 2021 report. Thank you for reading!

Amanda J. Marsh