12 Free Ways to Read Articles Behind Paywall Without a Subscription

With the digital age combined with an ongoing pandemic, everything is done digitally, whether it’s grocery shopping, watching movies, or even reading newspapers (or articles). You must have come across an article you’re interested in (like politics, gaming, celebrity gossip, or something else), but after scrolling a few lines, a popup asks you to pay to read further (just like the screenshot below).

Most people cannot pay such amount of money just to read an article and decide to close the tab without reading what they came for. Well not anymore, because in this article I will tell you about how to read articles without subscription.

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12 ways to read articles without a subscription

Don’t worry, we won’t charge you for reading this article, lol. So without further ado, let’s get started. If you specifically use Chrome or Firefox, here’s how to read paywall articles for free.

Open the page in the Incognito tab

read articles without subscription

This trick is one of the easiest ways to bypass the paywall, and it works on most (if not all) sites. Since backgrounds are not available in the incognito tab, the paywall does not become an obstacle here. All you have to do is copy the article link and paste it into an incognito tab.

Stop loading the page before the paywall is loaded

This trick is also simple and easy to bypass the paywall. All you have to do is click the cross button to stop, and prevent the page from loading the paywall. But, nowadays, publishers integrate the paywall with the main page. So this trick may not work on all sites, but you can always try it.

Reset your browser cookies

Some publications let you read a few articles for free without an account or trial plan, but then ask you to pay to read more articles. This is because they track how many articles you read, and this is done by cookies. Each browser has a different way of clearing cookies, since Chrome is the most popular, we’ll use this:

  • Click on the More menu (3 dots)
  • Go to More Tools
  • Click Clear browsing data
  • Check these two boxes under the Advanced tab and click Clear Data.

Open web page on mobile browser

Some paid websites only target readers who use a computer to read articles on their website. For some reason they are not pushing the paywall on the mobile version of their website.

Hence, you can try to open the same web page on your phone browser. Keep in mind that not all websites are created equal, so this trick may not work on all sites (The New York Times is one of them), but you can always try it.

Save article as PDF

A paywall can prevent you from reading an article only when you read it online. It can’t stop you when you have saved the entire article in pdf format on your phone or computer. For there are several free ways to save a webpage as a pdf, see our detailed article on how to save a webpage to your phone (Android/iOS) and computer.

Find the duplicate item

The internet is a very strange and wonderful place at the same time, there are websites that directly copy articles from well-known publications and publish them on their own site. These sites can be useful for reading articles that require a paywall. You should copy the article title and search for it, you can also add quotes (“”) outside the article name for better search results.

Use a VPN service

read articles without subscription

VPN – Virtual Private Network, as the name suggests, creates a private network and virtually changes your location. So those sites that let you read a few articles say 5 or 6 for free, keep records by tracking your IP details. The VPN extension will help you get more than one IP address by changing your location, it will allow you to read thousands of articles for free and you will easily bypass the paywall.

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Disable Java Script to ByPass Paywall Articles

You can also bypass paid items on some websites by disabling JavaScript on your phone or computer. Here’s how you can bypass the paywall and read articles:

To note: In case you opted for a temporary solution, be sure to re-enable JavaScript if you don’t want other websites to crash or have issues.

Use Outline to read articles without a subscription

Another great way to bypass the paywall is to use outline.com. Here are the steps you need to follow.

read articles without subscription

read articles without subscription

Paywall Bypass Extension for Chrome/Firefox/Microsoft Edge

This one is an easy way to bypass the paywall and works on many websites, but only if you know how to add extensions to a web browser. If you are unfamiliar with extensions, just follow these steps:

Firefox installation steps

  • Click it download and install the latest version link of this Github page. (as shown in the picture)

  • You will get a prompt like this. Click on Continue to installation then click To add.

read articles without subscription

  • Once the installation is complete, you will see a long list of compatible websites under the add-ons manager tab, where you can change your selection and click save. Make sure the extension is set to enabledotherwise it won’t work.

Installation steps for Chrome/Microsoft Edge:

  • Download the Zip file from this Github page.
  • Follow the instructions mentioned on the said page.

You can also try the Unpay Wall extension for Chrome, this extension searches the internet for a free (legal) pdf version of the article you want to read.

Use temporary account services

There are few websites that provide a free temporary account, which can be used by anyone to access certain paid services. One such website is BugmeNot.com, where community members can share login details for various paid services, you can try to find the article you want to read. This way, you can bypass the paywall by pretending to be a real user.

Bonus Tip – Cached Pages

I mean who hates bonuses, right? If the 5 methods mentioned above do not work for you, here is the last resort for you.

Conclusion: read articles without subscription

So here are some ways to bypass the paywall on news pages and read articles without a subscription. These tricks may or may not work with all websites, so you can hit it off and try these tips for reading articles.

With that last note, I end my article here, let us know which of these tricks worked for you, in the comments below. Stay subscribed to GadgetsToUse.com and our YouTube channel for more amazing tips and tricks.

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